Oh ho ho, we are back again! They said “Graph Story, I bet you can’t do this two weeks in a row.” WE’VE SHOWN THEM. Check out the cool stuff we’ve got going on below:

New Docs Page for Graph Story

We love answering your questions at Graph Story, but in case you’d rather just look it up yourself instead of having a pleasant conversation, we’ve updated our Docs page. It’s now at graphstory.com/docs, and lots of info about Neo4j, our Import/Export system, adding and removing instances, and auto-backup options. We even made cool GIFs so you can watch a cursor move around and click buttons for hours.

Free Enterprise Neo4j Licenses; Free Auto-Backups at Graph Story

Speaking of auto-backups, if you are running Neo4j Enterprise, we’ll back-up your instance daily, weekly, and monthly for no extra charge. Pretty awesome.

“But Ed,” you say, “I don’t have a Neo4j Enterprise license!” Ah, but I bet you can, because if you have up to 20 employees and up to $3M in annual revenue, you can get an Enterprise license for free. No extra charge, nothin – get all the Enterprise features at the same awesome Graph Story prices. Just hit us up and we will get you sorted out right away.

Building a Real-Time Recommendation Engine with Neo4j

What business can survive without a recommendation engine? No business I want to be in! Recommendation engines are a big part of lots of businesses now, but building them with SQL DBs can be really slow and not very flexible. Building them with a graph DB, though? Super awesome.

Nicole White, super-smart data scientist over at Infer, gave a presentation at GraphConnect Europe in April that steps you through creating a recommendation engine in Neo4j. She covers basic location-based recommendations, social recommendations, similarity recommendations, and “cluster” recommendations. The similarity recos do feature some math, but you can just copy and paste that stuff and pretend you know why it worked.


Are you doing something cool with graphs at Graph Story? Let us know!. We want to talk about what our customers are doing here in the newsletter.

Ed Finkler
Graph Story